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Glutathione – What’s All The Fuss About

I first heard of Glutathione back in 2016 and to be honest, I thought to myself ‘WOW! people will believe anything’!  Little did I know that I had actually managed to get my hands on liquid gold!

I’ve always been a little bit sceptical and even though I had my doubts as to weather this stuff was as magical as everyone was making out, my business partner (at that time) managed to convince me that we should start offering vitamin drips at our Aesthetics clinic, especially Glutathione drips.     
Back then we were one of very few clinics to offer vitamin drips.  Not surprising.  I remember searching high and low for a compounding pharmacy who could firstly compound Glutathione and secondly compound it correctly at an affordable price.  It took me about 3 months to actually find what I was looking for and I am so glad that I spent the time and energy sourcing a high quality Glutathione because the results have been astonishing.

I will admit that my original scepticism was unnecessary.  I will admit that I had an unfair opinion of how gullible people are.  And finally, I will admit that this stuff is actually as magical as everyone made out.  It didn’t take me very long to realise that Glutathione does indeed work.  It actually does everything it claims and more.  After completing an enormous amount of research on Glutathione, we finally started offering the drips to our clients and I instantly became a believer!

I have seen the most wonderful results when administering Glutathione drips as a complimentary therapy as well as when combined with other therapies.  I have witnessed first hand how Glutathione has assisted my clients over the years.  Let me elaborate…

Glutathione is a potent antioxidant as well as an antitoxin.  It boosts just about every system in the body including your immune system, it improves cellular function as well as promotes anti-ageing.  The reason we call it a powerful antioxidant is that helps prevent cells from becoming damaged by free radicals.  More on Free Radicals later.  High concentrations of Glutathione may be found in several vital organs such as the heart, lungs, liver and brain, to help protect these organs.  Unfortunately, when Glutathione levels are depleted, it is very difficult to replenish these levels without a little help from science.  I have come to realise though that not everyone is able to go for a vitamin whenever they feel like it.  Aside from the crazy high prices clinics charge for vitamin drips, it is almost impossible for busy individuals to take time off for a drip, and so I eventually found a laboratory that is actually able to compound Glutathione correctly so that it can be absorbed by the body correctly and efficiently.  It is now so easy and affordable to replenish our Glutathione levels when needs be without having to take time off work, without needles & without breaking the bank.

It is important to maintain your levels of Glutathione in your body to help strengthen your immune system and to assist your body in fighting off the free radicals that naturally attack us.  Free Radicals are nasty little molecules that are unstable and are very reactive.  Free Radicals are defined as oxygen-containing molecules that have an unpaired valence electron (uneven number of electrons).  These little molecules can cause havoc in the body as they move around and spontaneously react with other molecules.  Antioxidants help counteract the damage caused by these Free Radicals so it is very important to keep our Gluathione levels up. 

Dr Ehlers & Dr Robert Keller MD explain this perfectly…


What does Glutathione do?

According to Dr Robert Keller, Glutathione has the following benefit:

Enhances the immune system
Slows the ageing process
Increases energy and endurance
Improves internal organ function
Enhances brain activity
Promotes healthy skin
Eliminates toxins
Reduces muscle aches and chronic soreness

Glutathione (GSH) is defined as the cell protector.  Antioxidants are part of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients present in our foods. Dr Keller discovered that antioxidants work synergistically together in the body, because the body makes its own endogenous antioxidants – meaning Glutathione is made inside our bodies.
GSH is one of 4 ‘endogenous’ antioxidants and is naturally prevalent in every cell of your body.

The other 3 endogenous antioxidants are: co-enzyme (CoQ10), superoxide dismutase and catalase.  Glutathione recycles itself and helps to recycle all the other antioxidants (CoQ10), alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, superoxide dismutase and catalase, as well to keep them at an optimum level.
It is the most important triple peptide molecule in the body that can help prevent ageing, cancer and heart disease.

Glutathione:  The Master Antioxidant

Some antioxidants take care of products of oxygen burning, some of them take care of products of nitrogen burning, some of them take care of hydroxyl burning and they are all different radicals.

Dr Keller noted ‘Glutathione takes care of everything’.   The body burns oxygen as fuel to create Adenosine-triphosphate (ATP) or energy.
Oxygen outside of the body ignites and is a burning substance. These oxidants eat at the cells and the only way to take care of this process is to quench that fire inside the mitochondria furnace of the cell where the ATP or energy is made.

The burning in the cells is the same thing as inflammation in the body, which goes on day to day.

This natural chemical component can neutralize the by-products of oxidation and clear them from every cell in the body → increasing glutathione → decreases inflammation.

In very crude terms, it flushes out the free radicals and the other Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) like peroxides, lipid peroxides and heavy metallic oxides like those of Arsenic, Mercury, Lead, Chromium and Cadmium from the body.

A natural act of cleansing, one can say.  Its sulphur based (SH) group attaches all toxins to itself and carries them to bile and to stool, and then out of the body.

Vital Functions And Benefits Of GSH 

  1. It is a major anti-oxidant produced by the cells, participating directly in the neutralisation of free radicals and reactive oxygen compounds.
  2. It helps to keep the exogenous anti-oxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E in their active states (chemically reduced states).
  3. It is prominently used in the metabolic and biochemical reactions like DNA synthesis, transport of amino acids and providing activation energy to various enzymes.  It affects all major bodily functions like the immune system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, among others.
  4. It plays an important role in Iron metabolism.
  5. It helps the liver to process and remove foreign substances like drugs and pollutants.
  6. In the case of plants, it is critical for all types of biotic and avionic stress management.

Other important functions of GSH are: that it is the controller of major anti-inflammatory responses, the precursor for growth stimulating hormone and ultimately human growth hormone; it has the ability to heal the liver and the digestive system.  It binds to chemical toxins we are exposed to, like pesticides to excrete them out through the liver.

 GSH also binds to heavy metals like Mercury and helps excretes these heavy metals out through the urine.  GSH protects the cells from oxidative damage from these chemicals.

The Importance Of Glutathione

GSH is very important in that it protects our cells from oxidative and peroxidative damage.  That is, the benefits of Glutathione include targeting free radicals which do us harm and basically neutralizes them.

It is important that our bodies maintain certain levels of Glutathione, otherwise our bodies can begin to experience problems particularly with muscle tiredness, cancer, cardiovascular, and other diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Glutathione is different from other anti-oxidants in that it is intracellular, that is, it actually exists inside our cells.  Because of this, Glutathione can maximise the activity of other anti-oxidants.

In other words, it provides a helping hand to other anti-oxidants.  This is exceptionally helpful.  This is the reason why Glutathione is often referred to as the ‘Master Anti-oxidant’.

You will find that your energy levels increase when you have higher levels of Glutathione in your body.  This can help make everything that you would normally do in your daily life that little bit easier.  If you wish to use this extra energy to begin an exercise program, then this will have further benefits for your health.

Glutathione can also help to increase your endurance levels so you may soon find that you are able to exercise for longer and with more intensity.

Increasing Your Levels Of Glutathione

According to Dr Robert H Keller MD, increasing GSH levels has been known to help with Autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
Increased levels of GSH have also been shown to relieve muscle strain and chronic pain that may be felt all over the body, but predominantly in the back. 
Glutathione can help to repair any damage that has been caused to the muscle, which will reduce the amount of pain felt.

Is it any wonder why I urge everyone to be on a good quality Glutathione supplement?

*The above information is a compilation of extracts taken from publications released by Dr Ehlers & Dr Keller*